HP DesignJet L25500 Drivers Free Download and Review

HP DesignJet L25500 Drivers Free Download and Review - The HP Designjet L26500 has actually been actually accessible to everyone since Oct, yet you must sign an NDA to see it. Due to the fact that our team carried out not head to Barcelona for the (Nov) launch PR strike, we had no NDA to sign, so our team just discovered all the facts actually on the net for the final two months. At the launch of HP latex ink in much smaller printers, VISCOM Duesseldorff 2009, I examined both HP latex ink laser printers, the 42-inch and also 60-inch HP Designjet L25500 models. There were actually small crowds paying attention to the HP staff giving a talk to the viewers in the church aisles.
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HP DesignJet L25500

HP DesignJet L25500 Drivers Free Download and Review

This latex ink innovation had actually been presented to under NDA because July as well as is currently public. What most pleasantly surprised folks was the small cost for the 60" model HP L25500, considering that the HP L65500 originally price over $100,000. I asked many printshop proprietors just what they assumed the rate to become. Their solutions will certainly remain in the FLAAR Report on latex ink ink-jet printers that. The real cost is below lots of people determined.

For Joan Torrents, basic manager and also proprietor of Igualada, Spain-based Tot.rètol, a visuals services service along with greater than twenty years of knowledge designing, generating, as well as setting up industrial signage, 2009 has been actually a difficult year. Along with a worldwide economic crisis, Torrents' challenging solvent indicator shop went through a decline in print quantities up to 40 per-cent in several of its own core uses. Moreover, he had actually depended on outsourcing for some of the excellent work their synthetic cleaning agent ink-jet printers could not turn out, yet income margins were low as well as turn-around times were certainly not perfect.

He required a much better option. The HP Research and Development division consulted with Torrents after his service had joined use testing along with the brand new Latex printer. They accepted to enter into the beta weight loss program for the HP Designjet L25500, installing it in April 2009.

" This ink-jet printer complements our digital print company, allowing us to give a high settlement product that our company really did not have up until now," spokened Torrents. "Our ink-jet printers were all 'hard-solvent' with a medium-low solution." The color printer created new options through allowing him to supply services and products such as digital printing for view monitoring, presentation graphics, and indoor signs.

HP DesignJet L25500 Printer Drivers Free and Review - Tot.rètol recently purposed a project that required 150 sqm (492 sqft) from in-store signage as much as 2x4 gauges (6.6 x 13.1 feets) on vinyl fabric. Considering that the job asked for a view viewing span, the solvent color printers were actually certainly not a choice. "It was a significant option as the job was for an ad agency-- an optimal consumer in relations to gain company," claimed Torrents. "Using the HP Designjet L25500 Ink-jet printer, as opposed to outsourcing, our company had the capacity to help make an exceptionally very competitive offer to obtain the new company as a customer as well as still make a profit. Delivery time was actually cut in half from 6 events to three through imprinting in-house. Without internal printing that is actually really not likely that our team could possess defeated the competition to gain the task. The consumer was fulfilled with our printing solution as well as our company have actually become their front runner provider."

Torrents thinkings of connecting his business's brand new laser printer and solutions through discussing the flexibility his service can easily then deliver. "Then our team have the ability to cover any sort of demand, in each large-format (hard-solvent), and small- to medium-format, and those with a more significant necessity for premium quality along with the Latex ink-jet printer." The print premium, simplicity of use, and the incorporation from an ink system that is ecologically lasting created this color printer stand out. He prepares to utilize that for realistic printing, auto uses, brochures, placards, retail signs, and also elements for events and fairs.

Also, outcome along with a lower environmental impact will provide his firm an one-upmanship. "Printed outcome utilizing solvent inks may be viewed as unsuitable in certain forms of tasks, particularly those

HP DesignJet L25500 Drivers Free Download and Review

  • HP DesignJet L25500 Windows All Version Printer Driver – Download Here (247.88MB)
  • HP DesignJet L25500 Mac OS X Printer Firmware – Download Here (247.74MB)

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