Epson 1400 Printer Driver Download

Epson 1400 Printer Driver Download. Review - Some image laser printers typically aren't absolutely photo-centric, but excel options for general-purpose printing. Others are actually thus finely tuned for images that although these experts can easily serve as versatile laser printers if necessary, using all of them for message as well as graphics on plain newspaper is as much of a misuse as using a new Porsche to steer two miles to a train station every morning. The Epson Stylus Photograph 1400 ($400 road) is in the 2nd group. That's about as close as an ink-jet printer could come to being actually a devoted photo laser printer without that in fact being actually unable of printing on letter-size plain paper.

The 1400 is focused on significant amateur digital photographers. This can imprint exceptional pictures at dimensions ranging from 4-by-6 pictures to 13-by-44 panoramas. If you want to publish at smaller sized dimensions, you may do that too, however 4 by 6 inches is the smallest paper that may carry out, so you would have to cut it down to size after you print.
 Epson 1400 Printer Driver Download

 Epson 1400 Printer Driver Download

Publishing on big slabs of paper has a reasonably significant printer. The 1400 has a weight of 25 extra pounds and procedures 8.8 by 24.2 by 12.4 inches (HWD), certainly not consisting of the output tray that you may prolong as much as 13 inches to the front to catch the large-size newspaper. However, the laser printer looks good-looking good enough to go well with the majority of home office or hobby places. Create is actually practically the like that of a lot of ink plane ink-jet printers: Take away the packaging components, bunch newspaper, pop in the ink cartridges, run the computerizeded installment regimen, and plug in the energy cable as well as USB cable. As you may anticipate for a relatively costly photograph printer, the 1400 uses 6 ink colors-- cyan, yellowish, magenta, black, light-toned cyan, and also light-toned magenta-- with a separate ink cartridge for each, thus you don't need to toss unused ink away each time one color expires.

The 1400 features an adapter for printing directly from PictBridge electronic cameras, but alas, no flash memory card ports. The issue isn't the lack of direct publishing from cards, as a lot of serious professional photographers prefer to modify-- or at the very least check out at-- their photos on a personal computer before printing. It's that card slots are convenient for relocating files to the pc.

Epson 1400 Printer Driver Download and Review - For any printer that is actually aimed mostly for images, the best necessary problem is photo premium, and that's precisely where the 1400 sparkles. It is actually almost the identical of Epson's a lot more costly Epson Stylus pen Photo R1800, however it's in the same league, in addition to being actually a near suit to-- as well as arguably far better in comparison to-- the also-more-expensive HP Photosmart 8750 Specialist Image Printer. The 1400 not did anything below print every photo in our exam set at true photo premium, without a single flaw on the colour output worth stating. The only considerable problem I observed was actually with a monochrome photograph, which had an unique off-black tint and also some slight posterization (hues transforming abruptly where that ought to modify slowly). If you do not care about publishing written, this will not be actually a complication.

Epson assures that the 1400's photos are going to last, declaring a lifetime of 200 years for dark storage space-- as in a cd-- as well as 98 years for pictures placed behind glass. Prints are actually additionally fairly waterproof, although these experts'll stain if you leave water decreases on them to air-dry. On my typical abuse examination-- holding a fresh published photograph undersea while rubbing this-- I saw some minor bleeding right into the white border, but no obvious damages to the photograph itself. You may experience comfortable passing photos all around without bothering with somebody ruining them with wet palms. Visuals quality is good enough (no problems worth noting) for a visuals artist to consider making use of the ink-jet printer. Text on simple paper, having said that, is actually below average for an ink plane, with fewer than half of our test font styles qualifying as simply readable along with well-formed characters at 5 factors, and also none qualifying at 4 points.

That's a good idea that the Epson 1400 Printer Driver result is worth expecting, since velocity really isn't some of its durabilities. On our exams, it averaged 2 mins 3 secs for each and every 4-by-6 and also 4:29 for every 8-by-10. That is actually faster compared to the HP 8750, which had 2:29 and also 5:20, yet a lot slower in comparison to the Epson R1800's 1:18 and 2:42. The 1400's overall time on our business applications collection was also lagging, at 22:27 compared with 21:39 for the HP laser printer, which really isn't especially fast because test, either. Yet neither ink-jet printer is actually meant for regular printing, therefore those times are actually mostly beside the point.

In the long run, if you really want high quality photos at larger than character or even legal measurements, the Epson Stylus Photo 1400 costs less than the competition as well as prints spectacular pictures (just as long as you desire to stand by a little). That more than enough reason to put that on your short list.

Epson 1400 Printer Driver Download

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