HP Photosmart B8550 Drivers Free Download and Review

HP Photosmart B8550 Drivers Free Download and Review - The B8550 is intended for a various kind of user than the B9180 as well as B8850 are. Each from those ink-jet printers are actually manufactureded for serious amateur digital photographers or even specialists-- as suggested by the word "Pro" in their names. The B8550 is far more from a high-end individual ink-jet printer.

As opposed to pigment-based inks for photos, which each of HP's much more costly versions hire, the B8550 makes use of dye-based inks along with shorter life-times (100 years about glass, for example, compared to 200 years for the inks in both Photosmart Pro laser printers). And also instead of being actually designed to publish on a range of fine art documents, this's essentially limited to using HP's Advanced photo paper. Within those limitations, nonetheless, that publishes stunning outcome unconfined size.

The B8550 also consists of some consumer-oriented features that you won't find in either of the Photosmart Pro color printers-- such as, the potential to publish straight off a USB trick, memory card, or even PictBridge cam, plus a Liquid Crystal Displays to allow you examine images just before publishing. Most expert as well as prosumer photographers will certainly never utilize these functions, due to the fact that publishing compared to a computer offers additional command over the image.
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HP Photosmart B8550

HP Photosmart B8550 Drivers Free Download and Review

Still an additional difference is that although there is actually little need to get the B8550 unless you would like to use that for pictures, you may utilize it as a regular property laser printer additionally, one thing you would not moderately finish with either of the Photosmart Pro ink-jet printers.

The B8550's major paper tray could have 40 slabs from photo paper or 125 slabs of simple paper, which is actually a reasonable ability for a home laser printer. Additionally, a different image holder can delay to TWENTY pieces from photograph newspaper, although it's restricted to an optimal newspaper size of 5 through 7 ins. Both trays provide you the alternative of using the B8550 as a conventional ink-jet printer many of the time, while maintaining 4-by-6 or even 5-by-7 image newspaper loaded in any way times to let you publish small-format photographes without needing to transform newspaper. For periodic publishing of much larger pictures, you can then exchange out simple newspaper for photograph paper in the main rack.

HP Photosmart B8550 Latest Drivers Free and Review - Setting up the B8550 is actually effortless. That is actually a little bit of bigger than many inkjets, at 7.1 according to 22.8 through 15.3 inches (HWD), however this examines only 16.7 pounds. Merely discover a location for that, get rid of the packing components, attach the energy wire, as well as pop in the 5 ink containers (which include both a matte dark and a picture dark). At that point operate the automatic installation class as well as link through USB wire when the weight loss program determines you to. I assessed the printer along with Microsoft window XP, yet it also comes along with vehicle drivers for Vista and also Mac Operating System 10.4 as well as eventually.

As a general rule, speed is lesser compared to outcome premium quality for an image color printer, yet that's certainly worth acknowledgment that the B8550 is one of the quicker tabloid-size inkjets I have actually tested. The overall time on our business uses rooms (timed with QualityLogic's hardware and software, www.qualitylogic.com) was 13 minutes 32 seconds. Comparative, the B9180 as well as the B8850 both took 15:30. The B8550 likewise scored effectively on our photograph suite, averaging 1:33 for each 4-by-6 and also 2:31 for every 8-by-10-- faster than either the B8850 or even B9180.

Time the rate from many premium photo printers for 13-by19-inch outcome is actually problematical. Usually, you must fill each webpage personally, which makes the amount of times uncertain if you feature the time for loading the paper, or even misleading if you leave it out. Considering that the B8550 is limited to basic image documents, having said that, it could feed the study off the main holder, that makes the amount of times relevant. On my exams, the moments for supertabloid images varied coming from 5:43 to 6:55 each picture.

As I have actually proposed, the photo premium quality is wonderful. Most from the photos I imprinted were much better in comparison to you will get out of photos off your regional drugstore. The one exemption was a monochrome photograph, which presented to light window tints, with different shade complexions at various hues from grey.

HP Photosmart B8550 Printer Drivers Free and Printer Review - Video premium was quite in the very same organization. I observed some visible dithering in the form of mild graininess on some result, but nothing I 'd phone unacceptable. Different colors were appealing and fully saturated, and also the ink-jet printer also did a good work with slim collections, which very most color printers possess troubles along with.

Text outcome-- not this laser printer's major function-- on evident newspaper was at the reduced end from what I anticipate to see off an inkjet. Majority of the fonts in our text message tests certified as easily legible at 8 aspects. Far fewer than half trained at the same time formed at 8 factors, due to a personality space issue. That said, though that drops a bit except just what you will really want for completely qualified premium quality output, this is actually simply adequate for schoolwork as well as most business usage.

The relatively reduced text premium quality could appear to take a little of the shine off of the B8550, however always remember that it's designed as a near-dedicated picture printer. That also puts in along with nonpayment vehicle driver settings for publishing images on image paper. Because context, managing to function as a typical laser printer, as well as undoubtedly print message papers in any way, is an incentive. The simple truth is that the mix from photo top quality, rate, as well as large-format publishing makes the B8550 an extraordinary picture printer for the rate.

HP Photosmart B8550 Drivers Free Download and Review

  • HP Photosmart B8550 Win 8/8.1/10 Driver – Download Here (119MB)
  • HP Photosmart B8550 Win 7/XP/Vista Driver – Download Here (227MB)
  • HP Photosmart B8550 Mac 10.6 or later Driver – Download Here (139.4MB)
  • HP Photosmart B8550 Mac 10.5/10.4 Driver – Download Here (105.4MB)

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